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1. General Provisions

1.1 The management and operation of the maxstore.pt website, hereinafter referred to as MAXSTORE, are the responsibility of the company Telemedia Informática e Serviços SA, headquartered at Estrada do Zambujal, Nº 47, 2610-184 Alfragide, tel: 214 721 830, e-mail : info@maxstore.pt, taxpayer no. 503172456, registered in the Lisbon Commercial Registry under the same number.

1.2 All the rules and procedures contained in this document do not contradict in any way or form the applicable legislation in force, and it is intended to frame the rights and duties of the visitor's relationship with MAX STORE

1.3 Prices and promotions on MAXSTORE are specific and may only apply for a limited period of time.

2. About the contents

2.1 The images, information and all other contents herein are intended for private use and are not allowed to be used for purposes outside the scope of MAXSTORE.

2.2 MAXSTORE will always endeavor to ensure that all information disclosed on the site is free from publication errors and it is our commitment to make any necessary corrections whenever an error is detected that could significantly alter conditions of perception on the part of the users of the site.

2.3 Without prejudice to the previous point, any changes to the contents of the site will only be available to the parties after their actual publication online.

2.4 The images presented are intended solely to illustrate the articles indicated and are not themselves susceptible of any commercial transaction between the user and MAXSTORE.

2.5 The site has been optimized for a view with a resolution of 1024x768 or higher, and MAXSTORE does not assume any responsibility, in any case where the visualization of the same is poor or impossible.

2.6 The color tones of the product images displayed on the users' screen may appear different from the reality and depend on factors outside the sphere of responsibility of MAXSTORE, such as the characteristics of the user's computer equipment.

2.7 The accessories and / or accessories shown in the pictures are never included, except when expressly indicated.

2.8 For clarification of any doubts or obtaining information about the promoted products in the site, we thank the contact via E-mail info@maxstore.pt

3. Price

3.1 The sales prices published at http: // maxstore.pt are in euros, include all taxes and duties required by law and are valid unless publication error or stock breach.

3.2 Except where expressly indicated, the sales prices of the published products do not include delivery services.

3.3 MAXSTORE reserves the right to charge an additional amount for delivery in specific cases, in particular when shipping goods outside Mainland Portugal. The final value of the delivery will always be provided and agreed in advance with the customer.

3.4 Delivery and delivery prices do not include the use of special means of transport or access such as external stairs or cranes, or alterations to civil construction on doors, windows, stairs or other structures of the property. Where the subject of the delivery does not fit in the accesses, the delivery is considered to be carried out on the ground floor of the address in question.

3.5 MAXSTORE reserves the right to be able to modify sales prices at the times it deems most convenient, in compliance with the law, and to ensure the commitments already made with its customers with the exceptions indicated in section 3.1.

3.6 If there are errors in the mark-up of the sales price, we will do everything possible to correct them as soon as possible. If any of the products are marked incorrectly and until MAXSTORE makes the corresponding corrections, the constant in points 1.3, 2.2 and 2.3 will be applied.

4. Litigation and Liability

4.1 For any litigation arising from the application of these General Conditions of Use, the Court of Lisbon will have jurisdiction with express waiver of any other.

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